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Orientation and practical training for ITS e schools

With AgiLAB, we promote the training of people capable of becoming innovation drivers, people who know how to imagine, reinvent and shape the world using state-of-the-art technology.

Internships & Workshops

Specific insights for technicians and developers in the Smart Factory, Automation, and Digital Transformation topics.

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We believe it is essential to make our contribution in forming future technicians, and we do so by helping young people understand how to better structure their training and their professional growth.



Let’s lay the concrete foundations of Project Management for tech projects in their testing phase, favouring the encounter between theory and application. During the School-Work Alternation paths, students acquire theories and methodologies in new communicative and relational ways.


The best method to discover the potential of an experience in AgiLAB is exploring the laboratory and interacting with Industry 4.0 and Industry 5.0 technologies, directly explained by our Automation professionals.



AgiLAB is at your service: schools and universities can take advantage of our R&D spaces and shared areas to increase their technical knowledge and know-how.

& Workshops


The laboratory, integrating various cutting-edge technologies for industrial development, acts as a reference point for deepening Industry 4.0 concepts and Smart Factory paradigms. Furthermore, AgiLAB Academy can be your first real contact with a company. It lays the foundation for a structured individual professional competence built through teamwork.
Our purpose is to provide the necessary tools to increase specific knowledge, improve technical specialisation, and acquire a concrete working methodology.
The trainees develop their technological skills thanks to collective projects of experimental and highly innovative content, where everyone’s performance aims to achieve a common goal.



AgiLAB Academy is a concept that allows students to understand their potential and their attitudes in a School-Work Alternation process.
We have imagined and built a space dedicated to the dialogue between schools and companies, regarding themes like IT language and Automatic Systems design and management.
Students are involved in activities with concrete and dynamic objectives related to problem-solving and task scheduling. All this is possible thanks to the creative exchange of professionals and students with a strong propensity for experimentation and collaboration.

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