Tech Support
for SMEs & manufacturing companies

Let's chart a path of growth together

Digital transformation passes through the human experience. AgiLAB is an entire interactive robocentric laboratory developed for training, orientation and business consultancy on topics like Smart Factory and Smart Manufacturing.

AgiLAB is designed for companies and entrepreneurs who want to better understand the opportunities generated by the digitisation of their production processes. Discover Industry 4.0 technologies at first hand and imagine the future of your company with the aid of AgiLAB.

AgiLAB sensors and robotics

Tech Consultancy
for SMEs

To introduce small and medium-sized enterprises to the concepts of Industry 4.0 and the Smart Factory paradigms.

AgiLAB facilitates multidisciplinary collaboration between partner companies and individual professionals from different fields of expertise to bring to life R&D and innovative projects.

Introduction to Industry 4.0 paradigms

Guided tour of the laboratory

Industry 4.0 R&D

Technology demos and insights

AgiLAB Academy experiential paths

Developing soft skills 4.0

Programming courses

Tech workshops


To help companies adapt 4.0 and 5.0 technologies to their specific needs and the particular requirements of their production processes