AgiLAB facilitates technological shifts

The Industry 4.0 laboratory born from an idea of Eureka System

AgiLAB represents the system that, in addition to simulating the Digital Transformation and Smart Factory models, connects people, ideas and actions, while developing professional networks.

Focused on Industry 4.0 in the field of process innovation, the laboratory emulates a complete Smart Manufacturing scale process, in which all technologies are integrated into a digitally interconnected environment, with its own tailor-made Manufacturing Execution System.

Designers and Developers are the drivers of innovation and digital process transformations.

Thanks to its broad ecosystem of innovative technologies and its user-friendly human-machine interfaces, AgiLAB is an ideal solution for Training, Orientation, Digital Consultancy and Industrial Culture.

Experimentation and Industrial Culture

The digital factory represents that production reality capable of employing new technologies and new working methods in order to make its production processes flexible and efficient. This, by interconnecting all the manufacturing operations and all the machines involved, and collecting and analysing data in order to identify all the steps that can be improved and optimised.

The innovation we believe in is a sustainable innovation, which stems from sharing ideas and experiences and finds its application in the Smart Factory.

To understand the full potential of the Smart Factory, we created AgiLAB. Built within our company premises, AgiLAB is the result of the collaboration of several of our partners. Our robocentric laboratory emulates a scaled-down 4.0 factory, demonstrating in a tangible way what digitisation of production processes is and how it can be implemented.

AgiLAB materialises the Digital Transformation

AgiLAB Machine 1

The function
of AgiLAB

  • Introducing state-of-the-art industrial tools and technologies at first hand.

  • Explaining digital transformation technologies and processes through ‘hands-on’ training.

  • Helping companies assess the effectiveness of an investment in the digitalisation of their processes and supporting their technological innovation.

  • Taking up new R&D challenges and experimenting with innovative tailor-made solutions.

  • Training future developers and users of Industry 4.0 and Industry 5.0 technologies.

  • Helping create strategic visions that ensure maximum efficiency in terms of sustainability and waste reduction.

Designed to

The laboratory to share experiences and skills

AgiLAB is a project born out of a deep spirit of cooperation and a desire to support industrial culture by fostering networking and the sharing of new concepts and technologies.

For us, Training is synonymous with Innovation: companies and professionals must know, evolve, and learn. The 4.0 industrial culture has continuous training and in-depth technological knowledge as its pillars. Only by fully understanding how these technologies work and how they integrate can you choose how to respond to your company’s specific optimisation needs.

Through AgiLAB, we put at your disposal all our know-how, our skills and our experience – the result of the many automation projects developed by Eureka System in many different industrial fields.

Thanks to AgiLAB, companies can receive concrete support to understand the principles of Industry 4.0 and identify the best technologies to innovate their processes, all the while protecting their peculiarities and effectively maintaining their established production methods.

AgiLAB - Robotics laboratory
AgiLAB Cartesian robot B

Welcome to

Software and Automation solutions developed with you and for you

AgiLAB accompanies you along the Digital Transformation path of your company.

  • It explains innovative technologies directly, thanks to a 360° experience and technological demos.
  • It informs about the tools and opportunities of Industry 4.0 and Industry 5.0.
  • It helps develop the soft skills needed to thrive in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
  • It transfers specific technical skills related to the Smart Industry.
  • It assists companies in understanding the effectiveness of investing in the digitisation of their manufacturing processes.

AgiLAB is the concrete expression of our technical expertise