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A broad ecosystem of innovative technologies for Industry

AgiLAB is our R&D environment dedicated to Smart Manufacturing.

Explaining in a rational and simplified way the functioning of an often complex and articulated manufacturing process, AgiLAB makes it easy to understand why today it is worthwhile to focus on the digitisation of industrial processes.

Equipped with its own Manufacture Execution System, among its technologies AgiLAB includes several sensors, an Artificial Vision system, Edge Computing, Data Storage & Analysis, fixed Cartesian and Anthropomorphic Robotic Systems, and Jobot – our Automatic Guided Robot with a Fleet Management Software.

Learn more about the themes and the technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution: environment, process optimization, digitalization, robotics, software integration, etc.

AgiLAB Robotics

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The technologies
in detail

Six-axis Anthropomorphic Robot that

  • performs Handling missions for manipulating raw materials and semi-finished products
  • interacts with the three warehouses for raw materials, semi-finished and finished products
  • can follow Machining G-code customised toolpaths for CNC finishing works to mark and personalise the orders

The robot gripper was specifically created by Additive Manufacturing (3D printing in polymer material).

Interfaced with Agilab Artificial Vision System, the Cartesian Robot A performs Pick & Place missions of raw materials and semi-finished products and interacts with the raw materials warehouse.

The second Cartesian Robot of AgiLAB performs Pick & Place missions of raw materials and interacts with the organised raw materials warehouse.

Jobot is our Autonomous Mobile Robot equipped with a Fleet Management System, dedicated to logistics applications and capable of carrying out environmental sanitation missions using UV-C lamps.

It is equipped with a laser scanner system, an integrated camera, and ultrasonic sensors. In addition, the tray for transporting the finished product is a touchscreen that allows the recipient to confirm the delivery of the order and thus conclude the mission.

It does not require wiring or other fixed guides, thus its use is ideal in complex environments, i.e. in all those situations where a compact autonomous vehicle is a real advantage for the human workforce.

The autonomous navigation software with which Jobot is equipped makes it capable of recognizing environments, avoiding unexpected obstacles, calculating optimal routes, and recalculating alternative routes in real-time. During the installation procedure, rules and constraints are defined, so that Jobot will respect them when processing its movements.

Thanks to the laser-scanned map acquired during the installation phase and also to the information resulting from its continuous monitoring of environmental circumstances, Jobot can recognize its position, as well as situations of potential danger and consequently elaborate the most suitable actions to search for alternative routes).

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AgiLAB has its own Programmable Logic Controller or PLC. The logics of the two Cartesian Robots (A and B) are managed directly by the PLC, while the logics of the CAM-Robot, our Anthropomorphic Robot, are controlled by a Keba KeMotion system, managed in turn by AgiLAB PLC.

AgiLAB Functional Safety Management is able to guarantee maximum system efficiency in full compliance with the functional safety requirements. Our Functional Safety Management consists of several interconnected redundant technologies

  • A laser scanner system surrounding all of AgiLAB
  • Emergency stop button
  • KEBA KeMotion, the CAM-Robot controller
  • Dedicated I/O nodes
  • Security standards guaranteed at software level too

The laboratory is equipped with a distributed I/O system for Production Control and real-time Monitoring.

We developed AgiLAB Human-Machine Interfaces according to clear usability criteria.

There are several screens to monitor the process in every step. Moreover, a series of tablets and touchscreen devices allow you to interact with AgiLAB quickly and immediately.

Cartesian A & Artificial Vision System
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Jobot - Autonomous Mobile Robot
Logic & Motion
Functional Safety Management
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Web-based HMI
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